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The Granny That Never Got Old

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Product description

What if age wasn’t something to fear. What if we just grew better with age? Granny Bari, is just that kind of lady. Part of the Awkward+Awesome children’s book series that celebrates all things weird and wonderful, The Granny That Never Got Old urges us to reconsider what aging and growing old looks like. Sure, her body looks like it’s 95, but her mind never aged a day past 20.

This is a wonderfully playful book that helps children, and adults alike, recreate what it means to grow older. Getting old doesn’t have to mean life is over; instead, it has just begun.

The Granny That Never Got Old will have children looking at their grandparents with a bit more wonder and childlike fun, because aging with style could be for everyone – especially those who are almost one hundred and one.

Bold and bright and sure to entertain, is a story about one Granny that wants to jump from a plane. But that’s not all, she’d do more than just fall. Find out what Granny gets up to in this fun tale that pushes ideas about what getting old looks like.

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